QT Farm is effectively OFF THE GRID!!  At the end of 2016 we installed a 15.6 kW solar system to provide all the electricity we need to run the farm.  When Tesla, or another company, perfects storage batteries, we will invest to be fully off the grid!  

In 2011, we swapped two heaters, two air conditioners & a hot water heater, and replaced them with compressors that run our geothermal system.  A propane truck hasn't been to our place since we made the switch six years ago.  Now all our heating and cooling is done by dirt instead of propane!  It is very gratifying to be one less household dependent on fracking or other toxic method, to extract natural gas from the earth, for our comfort.

We no longer pay ANY utilities! All the resources we use to live come from the sun, dirt, wind, underground streams and septic systems.  See more at www.sustainablefiberfarm.com (website forthcoming)

Our fiber animals don't just sit around looking cute all day,   they're also busy making beautiful wool to keep us warm, cozy and comfortable too!  Imagine a scarf or sweater made from one of these QTs here.

If you counted each individual animal on the farm as a year in your life, you'd be at retirement age and still counting. They put the QT in the farm, but most also have useful jobs to do - see their classifieds here.

Life without corgis?  We think NOT!  Our corgi companions enrich our lives in countless ways.  Check out their antics here.

Fiber in every form is continually being grown by the animals.  If you see a type or color you like, contact us and we can process it just the way you want it!  See what's currently available here.

We are located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California, between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe.  Each season brings different wonders to behold.  Check back as the photos change with the seasons.  Please contact us with any questions.

To everything there is a season, a time, and a purpose, under heaven.

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