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Quote from partygoer at Bert's 50th bash, after tasting Bert's home brew: "This beer tastes like a Snickers, I could drink it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!"


~~We are slowly, but surely, investing time and money into renewable resources, and once the return-on-investments (ROI) are realized, we will essentially be “off the grid.”  We won’t need to buy all of our electricity, propane, organic produce, wool, beer or cash – because these are renewable or alternative resources that we have, or will have, invested heavily to produce ourselves. 

                           Disclaimer to these "lofty goals":  All bets are off if God has different plans for us. ;)

Education is an investment in a reliable source of income, which makes us our own sustainable resource for cash (because credit is expensive money). Bert has a Doctorandus in Economics from Erasmus University in the Netherlands (and speaks four languages) and Christine has an MBA from Saint Mary’s in California (and still only speaks one).  Since 2001, both of us have operated  consulting businesses.  Bert is Public-Sector certified for SAP and consults for the State of California.  Christine has been in healthcare administration for over 25 years and consults hospitals on human research and finance operations.  We "can't quit our day jobs" as they are the valuable resources required to achieve a sustainable future for us and our twin daughters at QT Farm.

~~We are located in Shingle Springs, California, in the Sierra Foothills between Sacramento and Tahoe.  We endeavor to produce quality fiber for spinning, weaving, knitting and all other fun fiber arts and crafts.  The main focus is wool, but some livestock may produce grass-fed meat for the plate and freezer, with their pelts turned into blankets or rugs.  

Farms and marriages require a team effort to maintain.  We both readily agree that we couldn't do this without each other being fully involved, as equal partners (except for the fiber art bit ;).  The more efficient and well-oiled our processes, the fewer chores and more fun we can have along the way.  You can't have this many animals without automatic waterers for all, especially when the hot and dry 100 degree weather hits in the summer and Indian summer.  Just like Unikitty from The Lego Movie, this site primarily focuses on the positive aspects of our farm life.  We do deal with a lot of sh*t on the farm, literally.  The helpful and efficient processes we've learned, developed

and implemented will be shared on our companion site: www.sustainablefiberfarm.com (websiteforthcoming)

Endangered Species

Of the animals shown on the Fiber and Farm Animals pages, several are very rare breeds of livestock. The Livestock Conservancy maintains a list of all rare heritage breeds of animals, and monitors them by priority of endangerment of extinction. Here is the Conservation Priority List for rare breeds of livestock we have at QT Farm:

             Critical                               Threatened                             Watch                             Watch                                 Recovering

CVM/Romeldale Sheep                Jacob Sheep                     Ancona Chicken              Sebright Chicken                 Shetland Sheep

(breeding stock @ QT Farm)       Langshan Chicken           Brahma Chicken              Jersey Giant Chicken           Southdown Sheep

                                                       Phoenix Chicken             Cochin Chicken                Rouen Duck                          Orpington Chicken

                                                                                                 Polish Chicken                 Chinese Goose                     Plymouth Rock Chicken

                                                                                                 Hamburg Chicken           Toulouse Goose                   Rhode Island Red Chicken

                                                                                                 Swedish Duck                                                                 Wyandotte Chicken

                                                                                                 Bronze Turkey

QT Farm is a family farm where we strive to live a sustainable lifestyle in country elegance, not far from the city.  Caring for animals and the land provides fun activities, rewarding work and good quality time together. We’re not confined to either a farm or suburban/urban lifestyle and we seek a balance to achieve the best of both worlds.  As stewards of our five-acre homestead, we are nurturing a strong work ethic, responsibility and compassion, which has been a great source of satisfaction and happiness throughout the seasons of our lives in this beautiful place.


Our Mission

For more information about our SAP or Healthcare Consulting Services, please contact us or see our links page.

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