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Me and Thomas are resting on his massive 2012 fleece.  His fleece won second place at the EDC Fair two years in a row.

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School Bus arrives, complete with corgi greeting.

Coloma Spinning Demonstrations

At Marshall Gold Discovery Park in Coloma, you can visit a replica mill where James Marshall discovered gold in 1848, walk through the gold rush town and encounter docents recreating living history in period clothing.  As a member of the Hangtown Fibers Guild, I join my BFF Pam (best fiber friend), along with several other HFG members to demonstrate spinning and weaving during the Gold Rush events.   My mom made my 1850's costume and I love to go back in time, spinning or weaving at Gold Rush Live in October and Christmas in Coloma in December - I look forward to seeing you there!

Learn to card wool and spin on a drop spindle you make yourself!

Groups visit the farm animals

Learn to wash or dye wool the old-fashioned way.

Here's Jake, our four-horned Jacob sheep, before, during and after his shearing. 

His fleece took Best in Show at the county fair in 2012 and 2013

Here is Thomas Jefferson's 2013 fleece - all this wool came from one big boy indeed!

          See TJs 2014 shearing video here.

Events and Services

Spinning Lessons

All the yummy fiber looks good enough to eat, but since you can't do that, I can show you how to spin it!  Instruction provided for spinning yarn on a spinning wheel or drop spindle.

School Field Trips

We are located 20 minutes from Coloma, which is the place where the first gold was discovered, that later started the California Gold Rush of 1849.  Coloma and Sutter's Fort are destination field trips for grade school kids learning CA history.  Schools wishing to supplement their learning experience can schedule a field trip to QT Farm to learn about shepherding, processing, and spinning wool on drop spindles the kids can make themselves to keep.  Spinners and weavers made clothes and socks for the miners, which were water resistant if the lanolin wasn't washed away.  The 49ers worked hard mining, but didn't always strike it rich.  The spinners and weavers found a way to always get their gold - from the hardworking miners who found it!

As a right-proper gentleman, Thomas Jefferson, our CMV ram,  gets a pedicure before his shave.

Alpaca Shearing Day

Spring 2016 date TBD


Help Process Fiber - Get Paid in Fiber 

I have A LOT OF FIBER ready to be picked, scoured (washed), carded, combed or dyed.  Pick a fleece from any sheep, goat or alpaca you like, come over and process the whole fleece and you could earn up to half of it as "payment" for your work.   You'll earn the equivalent of $15 per hour in fiber for your work.  For example, if the fiber you process would sell for $3 an ounce (if I process for you) - you earn 5 ounces for each hour you work. 

We offer many great benefits for your "fiber employment enjoyment," including: petting luscious wool, either on or off the animal, on-the-job training for all required processes and equipment handling, ability to work with your hands, outdoors, for whatever hours you feel like.

Sheep Shearing Day

Spring 2016 date TBD

Private Event for St. Stephen's Lutheran Church