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Let us do the math for your Build-A-Batt

BUT, if math doesn't equate in your creative projects,

we will be offering readymade batts-to-buy

-- check back often --

When you add a rainbow of colors like blue, green, red, orange or purple to the natural fiber colors, you can make beautiful batts in solid or variegated combos. 

Colorful samples of yarn along with heathery solids -- what do you want to play with or create?

So, I want to make a lace shawl to go with this "Downtown Abbey" necklace I learned to make at my local bead shop in Diamond Springs. I want something naturally brown in hue and really soft. I'd like the yarn to have definition (sheep) for ease of knitting, but nice drape (alpaca) in the finished product. A wispy halo (rabbit) effect in the finished shawl will make me soft around the edges.

As an example, the necklace is pictured on a 2 ounce skein (hank) of alpaca yarn that I previously spun.  My Ruffled Shawl pattern calls for about 10 two-ounce skeins of yarn (or 50 gram balls, per the pattern).  I would create three, four-ounce batts of the fluffy sheep-alpaca-bunny fiber mix per the recipe below:

Sample Project Batts: "Downton Abbey"

Not much is black and white around here.  We like lots of shades, hues and tones of natural fiber.    

Tweeds, stripes or solids can be created in multiple textures and structures.  Here are sample yarns I made from sheep and alpaca batts.

100% Wensleydale, rolled into a 

2-ounce batt, ready to

spin or felt

(not sold for Psycho purposes)

1. You Choose Your Ingredients

2. We Process Your Concoction



  • We wash the fleece, removing dirt, lanolin (grease) and vegetation matter (hay, pasture). 
  • We measure the ingredients you choose and blend and straighten the fibers in our drum carder.
  • We pick the finished batt off the carder to reveal a ...

Multiple types of wool, from many different animals can be combined

for a spin on the drum carder.

Please contact me to let me know what batt you would like to build. 

The permutations and combinations of batts you can build ARE INFINITE!


  • You can choose fiber from sheep, alpacas, llamas, goats or rabbits from QT Farm.
  • Choose Natural Colors or Dyed colors.
  • Add-in some glitz and sparkle.
  • Add up your ingredients to equal a 2 or 4 ounce batt (we can help with the math bit)

On the carder above, we chose 'Sliver Girl's' long locks that we teased open for processing a 100% Wensleydale batt.